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Brush Fire Burns on LA’s Westside

  • So many DEMOCRATS in CALIFORNIA being punished and stripped of everything for all the EVIL THE PARTY HAS CAUSED. BEFOR SUNSET TODAY 1000 HOUSES BURN TOMORROW 5000 THOUSAND PLUS.

  • Nice Job, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

  • And no… not all of California is burning. And no exodus… just the new normal of 4 decades of really screwing the American taxpayer. Thanks Debutante, Nancy, & Diane!

  • This state can not handle anything , rain , wind , dry weather , the joke lib state that reports what labron says , who give a sht what that comi says , kick all the illegals out and use that money to fix this sht hole .

  • Poor Lady who felt that she could not evacuate because her son refused to go, thank you for helping her out! And, a question: Is it reasonable to leave behind those who refuse to evacuate?! If someone reports a man to be Suicidal he is taken against his will to a certain Facility, yet when one is suicidal enough to die in a fire and cause Firefighters to risk their lives, you just leave them there?! Why not just give him a Sleepy-shot and evacuate him out so his mother doesn't stay behind to die too because of her Idiot son?

  • You made the drought by wiping out millions and millions of acres of ancient forests! Including over 2 million acres of ancient fire resistant redwood forests! You made your beds. Now you can lay in them! I have no sympathy for your deliberate ignorance!

  • I see a lot of people asking what Trump is doing. I think this is funny as hell

    Why in the hell should Trump do anything at all why should American do anything??? California has been obstruct Trump for 3 years. Why don't you ask where is Nancy Pelosi is.

    American really does not care if California burns to the ground Really. I can't remember the last time my town has not come together to help people in a natural disaster. I live in very wealthy area with people that loves to help people.

    go to a big church that helps people sends Volunteers to area to help.

    I've asked why is no one talking about California wildfires and Everyone says they can careless if it burns to the ground and takes everyone with them.

    This is kinda sad Most of American is hoping and praying for your suffering the rest of american could careless about you.

    how sad is that.

    you want to know what Trump has to say ???? really now you want his help LOL why live with your burn down state lol Hope your friend and family dies. and remember even GOD hates you.


  • MAYBE THE FOURTH BRANCH OF OUR GOVERNMENT IS TO BLAME!!!! In politics of the United States, the fourth branch of government
    is an unofficial term referring to groups or institutions perceived
    variously as influencing or acting in the stead of the three branches of
    the US federal government defined in the Constitution of the United States (Legislative, Executive and Judicial). Views as to whether the influence is due or undue or the actions are for good or ill also vary.

    Such groups can include the press (as a departure from the 'Fourth Estate'), the people (in sum or as grand juries), and interest groups. The Independent administrative agencies of the United States government, while technically part of any one of the three branches, may also be referred to as a ‘fourth branch’.

    The U.S. intelligence community
    has also increasingly been seen as a fourth branch. In this regard, the
    'fourth branch' aspect of the intelligence community together with
    interest groups and other external actors intersects significantly with the construct of 'deep state'.


  • california is getting "purged" with artificial caused fires and some interest groups surely are rubbing their hands and every fire will empty the pockets of the people and fill the pockets of some certain interest groups some of them are not even americans

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