“Where will we go when we are on scene?” “Go right, go right!” “Take the highway, it might be faster.” “We are on scene.” “Multiple ambulances on scene, great!” “Two buses have collided.” “Should I park the truck here, on the side of the road?” “This bus is empty.” “Can we work from this side?” “We will treat these people.” “We will help you guys.” “I am unoccupied.” ‘We need to pull the column out of the front of the bus.” ‘They want to know how fast we can release him” “But it is difficult to make a good estimation” “Let us know when the drivers condition worsens.Then we will get him out as fast as possible.” “The person is in stable condition now” “We might be able to pull out the steering column if we make a cut at the right spot.” “Try to ask the paramedics about how we should approach the driver. They will keep him stable for some time.” “What do you want to do with the front window? Maybe wrap it.” “We can probably pull the window out when the paramedics have finished treating the driver.” “The steering wheel is loose.” “We have some more space now.” “We have to fixate this with some tap.” “I will watch his legs..” “Okay we can have him here.” “Okay here we go.” “Can we push it under him now?” carefull with his head The oxygen wire is stuck! okay we’re gonna pull him up “Check oxygen flow.” “You do the countdown.” “Do you have him secured?” “I will position behind her.” okay does everyone have a good grip? first we have to get him higher on the plank Firefighter: i have a grip on him at his torso have you got him? i have him! 1 2 3 victim: oh my legs, legs, legs! EMT: LEGS!
Firefighter: watch the feet, legs! is he fully laying on the plank now? yes! Keep pulling! 1 2 Firefighter: With plank and everything we’ll go outside guys! Thank you for watching!

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