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Bradley Cooper Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

All right. OK. I’m going to read
a question, and you have to answer the first
thing that comes to your mind. You can think about it though. There’s no time limit. And then you– [DING] –hit that for no reason at all. Got it. Let’s get this one
out of the way. Boxers or briefs? [MUSIC PLAYING] I guess briefs. [DING] All right. What do you sleep in at night? Those briefs. [DING] OK. What celebrity are
you mistaken for? None. Really? No. I wish I was. Do people ever say, “You
look like Bradley Cooper,” and they don’t know it’s you? No. Really? But quite a few people
come up and say, “Everybody says we look alike.” Oh, really? Yes. Yeah. And what do they
look like usually? They probably look the way I do,
which is, you know, not great. I always think– I’m
like, “Oh, we do? Yeah, I guess we do look alike. Yeah.” All right, when
you have a meeting, are you early, on time, or late? Always on time– Yeah. [DING] –if not early. I’m early. [DING] Yeah. I’m early. [DING] I’m earlier. [DING] [DING] I don’t know about that. Yeah. I can leave and somehow
make up time and be earlier, even if I left later. [DING] Before they even
got up, I’m there. [DING] Where do you keep your Grammy? Bookshelf. [DING] (LAUGHING) I was like, Grammy? What are you talking about? I thought it was a joke. That was hilarious. I was like– [LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY] Did you see that reaction? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. That’s hilarious. You better put it somewhere
more prominent you see it. What do you do that makes
your daughter laugh? Dance goofily. [DING] What’s goofily? Like, you want me to do it? Yeah, I’d like to see goofily. I don’t even know. I want to see if
it makes me laugh. I don’t even know. Well, I usually hold her. I usually hold her
on my shoulders. And I look in the mirror, and
I go, like, “Yay,” like this. Yeah, like that. That would make me laugh too,
if you held me on your shoulders and did that. What’s your favorite curse word? It’s actually an Italian one. It’s [BLEEP] [BLEEP]. It’s [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP]. You mother– [BLEEP] [BLEEP]. Wow. [DING] Wow. It gets a lot in there. It also sounds like a
delicious pasta dish. I will have the [BLEEP]
[IMITATING ITALIAN],, no cheese. If you can’t sleep in the middle
of the night, what do you do? Eat. [DING] Like, what kind of things? Like cereal. [DING] Yeah. That would keep you up,
because that’s sugar. I know. [DING] I didn’t say it was smart. [DING] I like this thing. [DING] Yeah, I know. There’s really no need to
hit it after every sentence. [DING] I’ll take that– [DING] –in stride. OK. What is the scariest
thing you’ve ever done? A bungee jump. [DING] You did that? Yeah. Only once? Twice. [DING] I so follow instructions. Wow. You said that you did the thing. Yeah. I’ll stop doing it. Yeah. Would you jump out
of a plane ever? I would. Yeah. Yeah. Because that seems like
that would be safer than bungee jumping to me. I agree. Yeah. Because you’re
attached to somebody. Right. I’m going to ask you one. OK. Where’s the weirdest place
a fan has approached you? In a bathroom stall. [DING] Tell us that story– or not. It’s not– you know, they
just sometimes– you know, if I go to the bathroom,
they follow me in. And they just, like, “hi.” Right. And I’m like, “Hi.” “I’m a huge fan.” “OK, thank you.” It’s horrible. Right. Right. Sometimes they don’t– This is you going–
like, you can’t see them but you’re hearing? Is that what that was? I was acting out behind the– Got it. Got it. Yeah. I was acting it out. So it happens after you’ve
gone into the stall? I’m in the stall. You’re in the stall. Yeah. Got it. Yeah. And then they just start
talking to me through the stall. Wow. Sometimes they wait– That’s crazy. –till I get out,
and then they want to shake my hand before I
even go to wash my hands. Oh, man. And I’m like– So this has happened
more than once? It happens all the time. I now can’t go to the
bathroom by myself. I have to be– I go in between five
people and I can duck. Oh, my god. That’s not true. All right, hey, you just
won $10,000 from our friends at Shutterfly for your
charity, One Family Foundation. Thank you. Wow. Thank you. Tell us about the foundation. Yeah. My father passed away in
2011 of stage four cancer, and I realized how
much of a benefit we had because I was
able to take care of him. So I started this
foundation in his name, really, in order to provide care
for stage four cancer patients who don’t have the kind of funds
and ability or family members that can help them out. So we have a couple of–
we started in Hackensack, and we’re at
Georgetown Hospital. And we hope to go all
throughout the country. So thank you. That’s fantastic, Bradley. Yeah. All right, The Avengers– End Game opens in theaters
nationwide tomorrow, April 26. We’ll be right back. Thanks.


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