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Boris Johnson: Grenfell victims were ‘overlooked, ignored and failed’

The bereaved, the survivors and the
members of the north Kensington community joining us in the galleries today,
each have their own story to tell, their own perspective on what happened
at Grenfell, but over the past two and a half years, they have been united in their fight
to uncover the truth. It is not a fight they would ever have chosen,
but it is one they have taken up with determination, with dedication and
with great dignity. Yet their exceptional tenacity in seeking
justice has not always been matched by their faith in the system’s ability to
deliver. This is no surprise. After all, they have been let down many
times before, too often overlooked and ignored in the months and years
before the tragedy and shamefully failed by the institutions that were supposed to
serve them in the days and weeks after it. Since then, the survivors, the bereaved
and the local community have endured one unbearable milestone after another — the funerals, the anniversaries, giving
and hearing evidence at the public inquiry, the painful process of building a new life
in a new home without loved ones and without treasured possessions,
and then the publication of this report today — all this while carrying with them the
unimaginable trauma suffered that night. I am very much aware that no report,
no words, no apology will ever make good the loss suffered and the trauma experienced,
but I hope that the findings being published today and the debate we are holding this afternoon
will bring some measure of comfort to those who suffered so much. They asked for the truth.
We promised them the truth. We owe them the truth. And today the whole country and the whole
world is finally hearing the truth about what happened at Grenfell Tower
on 14 June 2017.

  • I know it does not compare to the hell of Grenfell but the stress and downright evilness of Universal Credit and the terribly unfair bedroom tax. If you care about your citizens you need to scrap these unjust policies.

  • Yes by your party has let the British people down Time After Time After Time After Time finally we have an opportunity to get rid of you so you're trying to make lives for disabled people as I am a living nightmare and by the way that one congratulations you're succeeding in short and succinct piss off

  • in my professional life i used to specify hardware on to the full range of fire doors be they domestic or public buildings hospitals or blocks of flats and had to ensure that anything i specified was suitable for both security DDA and escape and every door schedule i did would have been approved by the local fire brigades fire officer who had the final decision on the materials used on a building in regard to fire risk and escape internally and externally and if according to the fire officer it was not fully compliant the building would not be given a certificate and the fire officer would make recommendations that needed to be carried out to satisfy the fire officer and their decision would be final ,
    what seems to happen now that it is left to local authorities to have the final word often based on cost ,this cant be right surly it is akin to a consultant surgeon being told by a local council what operating procedure he can use and how they should operate to save money ,this i think has been the major factor in this tragedy and going forward this escape and material approval must be fully returned to the local fire brigade and their fire officer under national guidelines

  • The big wigs who made the cladding and the people who built a building when nothing fits and everyone else involved who have all made millions and had huge bonuses from the works are all to blame and should be in court facing charges. Then go for everyone from Kensington council who did nothing but shut their doors should be in court" .

  • overlooked ignored and failed by………………. conservative governments and conservative councils. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • I'm NOT being rude, but the cladding should be sorted out. Nothings being done for the community and the survivors, and it's thick. Thanks to the government, the buildings fire was out of control. Boris, THEIR chlorinated chickens! GET FIRE DOORS, INSERT SPRINKLERS IMMEDIATELY! IT'S JUST STUPID!

  • What is more worrying following this tragic loss of life in this incident is a complete failure to update Building Controls & Regulations to prevent combustible cladding materials being added to the outside of structures that were inherently designed to be self contained units to prevent the spread of fire and only have sufficient escape route capacity based on this design principle.

  • We all know how past public inquiries have been used to obfuscate the truth rather than reveal it (cite 'Bloody Sunday', Hillsborough, Iraq as just three examples) indeed the PM referred to it himself today, and the current inquiry into Grenfell may be the exception, but it still surprises me that after more than two years it appears there have been no criminal prosecutions. A public inquiry does not suspend as far as I am aware, normal statutory provisions imposed on the police, the health and safety executive and other public bodies in these matters of public protection. What we may ask has happened to these investigations, when on the face of it there were serious failings and breaches of statutory obligations and standards? Were no breaces identified? Was no one responsible? veaterecosan

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