Best Time To Workout To LOSE Weight & BURN BELLY FAT | Ab Workouts, HIIT

hey everyone welcome back to my channel
so one of the most commonly asked questions is when is the best time for
me to workout to answer this question the most important thing that you should
consider first is your lifestyle then followed by the other factors that I’ll
be touching on next look I’m gonna touch on the optimal time for maximum fat loss
but don’t over stress about applying it if it doesn’t make sense to you then you
don’t have to do it the worst thing you can do to yourself is to force yourself
to work out in the morning when you’re not a morning person and I’m one of
those people who hate working out in the morning so I get it so I’m gonna talk
about the do’s and don’ts during different times of the day and also I’m
gonna touch on a little bit about food as well alright let’s talk about morning
workouts first and when I say morning workouts I mean
workouts before breakfast one of the easiest exercise you can do in the
morning is faster career so it’s basically going out for walk a faster
walk so nothing before that no breakfast just go for a walk so it is a low
intensity steady-state cardio and a lot of people do this first thing in the
morning because it is the best time for you to burn fat and also make sure your
heart rate is around the optimal zone for burning fat which is about 60 to 70
percent of your maximum heart rate so to get that number take 220 minus your age
and multiply it with 60% and 70% so that’s your optimal range so for example
if you’re 20 years old then your optimal range is around 120 BPM to 140 BPM so
you can go for about a twenty minutes walk to 40 minutes walk so yeah I know
not everyone has that time to work out in the morning so just do what you can
if you don’t have a heart rate monitor it is fine you just take a walk like a
brisk walk and make sure that you can still hold a conversation so you’re not
like getting out of breath don’t go for a run just for a walk because you want
to make sure you have burning fat not burning glycogen so if your heart rate
is above the optimal range you’ll be burning mostly glycogen and not fat and
you don’t want that because you want the fat to be going don’t you so after the
faster what I can do is you can do some ab exercises a lot of people always say
thousands don’t give you abs it doesn’t help you to burn fat but if you do it
after your faster walk girl you’re gonna burn or guys you’re gonna burn lots of
fat because I have exercises although my ab exercises are pretty intense like
intense for the apps but it’s not gonna increase your heart rate to the point
it’s up to at 170 or 180 BPM you know what i mean?
so abs exercises for about 10 to 20 minutes after your faster walk it’s
absolutely amazing in burning fat because you’re already in that fat
burning zone guys like just take advantage of that do the some ab
exercises I have so many ab exercises out there try my latest abs
exercises they are absolutely amazing if you don’t have time to go for a fasted
walk it’s totally fine just do abs exercises like there’s no one way to do
this okay and also if you don’t want to do either
one of these then you can try some yoga yoga in the morning is really great –
you know just say you know get your body moving and just you know get your limp
limp attic system moving you can also try low-impact workouts in the morning I
have a couple of those and also recently I uploaded a 30 minutes full-body
workout which is absolutely great in the morning if you do the low-impact
exercises I have low-impact versions for all my exercises all you have to do is
to swap those and do it slow and easy just make sure your heart rate is not
going up the roof you know like if you do the high-intensity version your heart
rate is gonna go up to that 170 or whatnot so try to do it slow and easy
just ease into it just do some squat or some lunges if you don’t want to do my
workout just do some squats and lunges and just get your body moving you know
get your heart rate up a little bit and that’s absolutely great in burning fat
so that’s my morning tip so I personally don’t like to do high-intensity workouts
in the morning because personally I just don’t have that energy to workout in the
morning and also high-intensity workouts burn mostly glycogen instead of fat which
I’ll touch on later for the afternoon workouts so yeah low intensity workouts
are amazing if you want to burn fat and also after all these
exercises in morning all this faster warm-up exercises and whatnot
try to not have a high sugar breakfast so don’t go for pancakes or waffles just
because you’ve done something in don’t reward yourself with bad food try
to eat healthy food and if you want something sweet in the morning go for
low glycemic berries or cherries things that are not gonna spike your blood
sugar too much because if your blood sugar spiked up too much it’s gonna
crash and you’re gonna feel like crap after and also make sure you have plenty
of protein like you know sufficient protein and morning personally I like
plant-based protein these days but you can choose whatever you want you know
you can have some sardines if you want to you can have some eggs you know your
favorite protein and morning I guess now let’s talk about afternoon
workouts personally I prefer to do my workouts about two to three hours after
my lunch or two to three hours after my breakfast a little tip for you guys if
you want maximum fat loss and just help your food to digest better , is to go for a walk after your lunch so go for fifteen minutes walk it’s gonna really
help with your digestion process and we want that don’t we? you don’t want to
feel bloated so if you have time for that
that’s absolutely amazing but if you don’t have time for that it’s okay it’s
not the end of the world! Normally I have more energy in the afternoon around 3:00
p.m. after my lunch I like to hit the gym with either
heavy resistance training or just resistance training or hit workouts at
this time of the day because I have so much energy that I can just push a
workout like really high-intensity workouts I can live really heavy an
afternoon and also do like a crazy insane hit workout. The reason why I
waited for about two to three hours after my meal is so that the food has
already passed through my stomach and you don’t want your exercise to hinder
your digestion process and yeah when you’re exercising your body is not gonna
be digesting the food that well and you’re gonna feel like nauseous or if
you’re like throwing up and all of that so yeah we’ve about two or three hours
if you have problem exercising so heavy resistance training or just resistance
training or hit workouts are really great in increasing your metabolism so
if you have a sluggish metabolism try to do these sort of workouts and I
personally just don’t have that energy to do those work up in the morning
because I have fasted for 10 to 12 hours I haven’t eaten anything I just woke up
my body is just kind of like you know like it just don’t feel that strong in
the morning and he has been research that people are just generally more
in the afternoon for workouts so resistance training or hit workouts is
gonna trigger this reaction called EPOC. So it’s basically excess
post-exercise oxygen consumption! EPOC is pretty much the afterburn effect that
allows your body to burn fat while you’re at rest for the next 48 hours and
hit workouts are generally really great for that because you’re increasing your
heart rate so much you’re breathing in so hard and basically that’s gonna
trigger this after burn effect and that’s the reason why a lot of people
get really good results from my workouts because of this so again after workout
make sure you have some carbs some protein and some fat choose your
favourite carbs and protein I’m not gonna tell you exactly what you should
eat just choose something that’s whole foods you know like something that is
not processed and you’re gonna see really great results make sure you’re
not under eating especially when you’re doing hit workouts and resistance
training. Now for the night owls you guys must be thinking can I work out
at night well I guess you can it depends on what time you go to bed right like I
normally go to bed at around 11 or 12 so I generally don’t really like working
out at night because it’s gonna disrupt my sleep when you’re working out your
cortisol level is gonna go up your adrenaline hormone is also gonna go up
and when those hormones are up it’s really hard to relax those are like the
hormones that get you excited you know I mean like it’s really hard to fall
asleep when you’re excited but on the other hand Adrian, he doesn’t have a
problem sleeping even like after you know two hours after his workout he
doesn’t have a problem sleeping at night so I guess I it really depends on
depends on you like I’m easily stressed out so it is not a good idea for me to
work out in the evening like late evening or a night it is just a no-no
for me I personally prefer to work out in an afternoon some people prefer to
work out in the evening which a lot of people don’t do is just because it
actually increases the cortisol levels, those stress hormones but yeah just do
what you like to do nobody’s gonna force you to do something that you don’t want
to do you know I mean but if you insist in working out at night you can go for
low intensity exercises like ab exercises go for a walk or just some
yoga or low-impact exercises do exercises that are not gonna increase
your heart rate too much personally I just don’t do any workout that night
just because I guess stressed out so easily
the only thing I do is a walk after my dinner because I have a really weak
digestion so going for a walk for about 15 to 30 minutes it’s actually really
good in you know just improving the digestion process and also sometimes
I’ll just do some ab exercises if I want to because those are not super high
intensity if you want to lose some fat you gotta have eight hours of sleep a
day well seven to nine hours personally I need about eight to nine hours of
sleep to feel like really refreshed the next day and the most amount of fat that
you burn is when you’re sleeping so get your sleep guys that is probably the
most important tip right here so that’s all for today’s video I hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video please smash that like button just smash it real hard. And if you don’t like it just smash it even harder that’s how you do it! I’ll see you guys
in my next video, Bye!

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