Being a Lenexa Firefighter

The one word I would choose to describe
how it feels to work for the City of Lenexa is fulfilled. Proud. I would say if I had to describe how it feels to work here, I would describe it as fortunate. Pride and commitment. I like working for the city just because of the pride that it gives me in coming to work every day. It’s a dream since I was a little kid, I can remember Seeing the guys in the fire truck and just not being able to wait to be there. You have to get out of the preconceived notion of what the fire department is. Which is we just respond to fires. We now respond to any type of situation. Any time anyone doesn’t know who to call, they call the fire department. So that can range from the fire.
It can range to a medical emergency. It can range to a kayaker on the Kansas River who just got tired on a Saturday and needs help. We have capacity to help people in all those arenas. We have a water rescue team. We have a technical rope rescue team We have a confined space team. We have a cave team. I was attracted to the size of the Lenexa Fire Department. I wanted to work at a department that was small enough that and knew my co-workers and
that I didn’t feel like I was just a number. I liked the fact that within six
months of being employed here, I could pretty much stop by any station and and I would know the guys that I was working with. These are the people that you trust
with your life. You train with them. You really connect with them And you learn to love them like a brother or a sister. It’s the best feeling to know that
you’re coming to work every day to work with some of your best friends. We spend a third of our life, you know, working at the department, So, next to family, they they are family. And, it’s just a great feeling. What makes us unique is we’re driving force in what other departments are doing. We were one of the first departments around this area to be an accredited
agency. We have some of the best gear, some of the best equipment. They really are looking out for for us and for our safety. And they’re always looking at the best, you know, new things that might be out there. Every day is cool exciting and fun So, you know, whether it’s training
where we’re we’re out cutting holes in rubes Or ice water rescue training where we’re out putting on the Gumby suit and jumping into freezing water and plenty other out, you know that every aspect of it is fun. We are as a Fire Department, over the
last 12 years, become more open and we love to have ride-alongs. Anyone that wants to come and see behind the scenes of what our fire department looks like
on a day-in day-out basis can come do a ride-along and sit with us and we explain everything. We explain to what’s on the truck to what we do to the expectations that’s required of a new firefighter to a seasoned firefighter I encourage anybody who is looking to be a part of a team, especially the fire department, you need to look at the City of Lenexa.

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