Bed bugs close fire station

joy now covering Atlantic Beach where firefighters at Jacksonville Fire Station are temporarily relocating because of a bedbug infestation news for Jax reporter Corley peel is live outside station 58 where firefighters save station 55 has relocated station 58 over here is about four miles away from station 55 where the bedbugs profound but firefighters say regardless of this temporary location this will not impact response times firefighters say it will take 24 to 48 hours until fire station 55 in Atlantic Beach is bedbug free for now station 55 has moved to station 58 in Jacksonville the stations are about eight minutes apart public information officer Tom Francis says people who live in the area of station 55 have nothing to be concerned about he says there is no bearing on response capability or response times within that territory for those crews people living in the area tell me they’re pleased with how the fire department is handling the situation I think that’s awesome I mean the fact that they’re able to still respond and help people even though they’re not going to be as close as they should be firefighters are asking for anyone who has worked at station 55 in the last week to watch all their clothes their bed ‘ln linens and dry them on high heat for at least 45 minutes to prevent cross contamination reporting live queerly peel channel 4 the local station poorly any idea how the bedbugs even got to the fire station in the first place well according to CDC bedbugs can be found where people are sleeping they can be found in beds on furniture and be easily transferred on people’s clothes poorly appealed reporting to us live tonight Thank You Corley

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