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Baytown agrees to pay for firefighter’s cancer treatment, but is still suing

also breaking at this hour a big win for a Bay town firefighter after a lengthy legal battle the city has agreed to pay for battalion chief Patrick Mahoney’s cancer treatment the city have been refusing to pay for those expenses for quite some time however despite tonight’s victory the city is still suing Mahoney our Taisha Walker is joining us live from the City Council meeting in Baytown with tonight’s debate Taisha Dominique and bill Patrick Mahoney left tonight’s meeting disappointed the full City Council in executive meeting executive session excuse me decided not to take any action tonight as it pertains to that lawsuit but the mayor did say tonight during that meeting that this lawsuit isn’t about causing more harm to that firefighter himself but to gain more clarity on whether his illness his specific type of cancer should even be covered Bay town firefighters were in solidarity at Thursday night City Council meeting firefighters backed one of their own battalion chief Patrick Mahoney who was in a public legal battle with the city over who should pay for his medical bills for thyroid cancer it’s been extremely stressful disconcerting I would say personally offensive and hurtful the Baytown Professional Firefighters Association president argues that Mahoney’s 2016 cancer diagnosis is work-related when the law specifics of a firefighter develops cancer during his employment he is presumed to got it because of his employer meanwhile bait town’s mayor says the language in the state statute isn’t clear and could cost the city a lot of money in the future we’re asking cities for a definitive statutory of judicial guidance as to whether or not this particular illness should or should not be covered by workers compensation take representative Mary Ann Perez is even calling on this city to drop its lawsuit and to pay the remaining 20% of Mahoney’s bills not covered by workers comp obviously two judges have agreed with firefighter Mahoney and interpreted the law in his favor so the city says it’s looking for clarification but I’m not sure how much clearer he can get than that and Mahoney does tell me that the city did reach out to him last night to offer to reimburse him that money that 20% that his insurance did pay on his behalf for his thyroid cancer as for this lawsuit right now they are still waiting to see what the city does in the coming weeks live in Baytown tie you should Walker KP Rosi Channel 2 News

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