Basic Firefighting Knots : Firefighting Knots: Square

What we’re going to demonstrate and discuss
is the forming of the simple Square knot. The Square knot can be tied two different
ways. The basic first way is called right over left and left over right where we take
the knot or take the running part of the rope and form that first right over left technique.
Then we take the rope and go the opposite direction of left over right and pull tight.
The basic Square knot is a great knot to use for first aid purposes to tie off something
like a sling or swath for rescue reasons. The Square knot can also be formed by taking
a simple bite in a rope and then the rope is passed on the other end up and out of the
hole around the back side and then back down through the same hole where we originally
started the knot and pull in tight forming the Square knot. The Square knot is not a
popular knot for fire service purposes but it is an effective knot to quickly join two
ends of a piece of rope or sling and swath for rescue EMS reasons.

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