Basic Firefighting Knots : Firefighting Knots: Prusik

What we’re going to talk about and demonstrate,
is the basic techniques, on how to apply a Prusik knot. Now, the first thing that has
to happen before we can make a Prusik knot, is we have to have a piece of rope, that is
tied in a loop, of some type, or a piece of webbing, that is tied into a loop. The Prusik
knot, is basically, taking the rope, laying it over the object, and pulling it around,
through the hole that we formed, two to three times. Once we pass it through two to three
times, we pull that taut. Bring it all together, and we form what’s called the Prusik knot.
The application of the Prusik knot is a great knot to use, as a braking system, in the middle
of a mainline rope, so we can use that as a handle to pull on, or to keep tight on that
mainline. The Prusik knot is nothing more than a variation, of the Girth Hitch by passing
the rope, instead of once, two to three times through that hole, and pulling it tight. Prusik
knot, great knot that firefighters use very frequently.

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