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Basic Firefighting Knots : Firefighting Knots: Chimney Hitch

What we’re going to do is discuss and demonstrate
how we’re going to tie the simple chimney hitch for securing an object or a rope around
an object. We basically would take our rope and tie it off to an anchor point first, which
the rope is tied off behind me to that anchor point. We then would stretch the rope tight
between that anchor point and the other anchor point we want to go around. We then take the
rope and pass it through by forming a loop around the secondary anchor point. Once, twice
through the loop and pull the rope tight. The second loop, we cross over the first loop
to form a locking type of loop and we can slide that knot to tighten it up and put as
much tension on the rope as necessary. We would then finish the rope off with either
a clove hitch at the end or an overhand safety knot to finish off the knot at the end. Simple
chimney hitch to tighten a rope between two objects.


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