Base Fire Department to the Rescue

Exercise Exercise Exercise Class alpha fire
reported aboard USS Warrior Reporter
Firefighters at Fleet Activities Sasebo’s fire department are first responders for emergencies
on base and aboard the ships in port. The firefighters responded to a fire drill aboard
USS Warrior in order to remain prepared for lifesaving efforts that may take place in
the ships unique environment. Toshiba Kogushi CFAS Firefighter
“The hardest part is that we can’t stand up in the small spaces. It’s really difficult
to maneuver in there. This job is dangerous so we have to continually train in order to
improve our skills.” Reporter
For the ship’s crew, the firefighters provide an additional line of defense against fires
and other emergencies. CPO Scott Lopez
“Having that backup personnel, it gives you the warm and fuzzies to know that base
has got us in the event that we need them. They’re very professional, they get the
job done, it’s great having them on board. Reporter
As these firefighters train to save lives in challenging scenarios, Sasebo residents
and local ship’s crews can depend on the CFAS Fire Department to remain mission ready.
Petty Officer Jeremy Graham, Fleet Activities Sasebo Japan.

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