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Assistant chiefs for Santa Fe Fire Department talk about responding to school

another difficult day of grieving for the Santa Fe Community students parents teachers spending time on the campus at a growing memorial comforting each other remembering the ten victims killed in Friday’s shooting rampage also on the campus of Santa Fe High School tonight the attorneys for the shooting suspect have been granted access to the school a prosecutor also has been allowed to go inside our Brandon Walker live at the high school with that new development tonight Brandon and Dominique a judge here in Galveston County offered attorneys on both sides that opportunity to come here to Santa Fe High School what they want to do is take pictures and record video that could help them in their investigations and as those investigations continue to be underway tonight we’re beginning to hear from first responders people who rush to the scene directly in the line of fire it’s way different than everything else that we’ve ever had to handle they answered the call that Friday morning I would have never thought this would have happened to to our community though the tears over lives lost confirm it did just down highway six blocks from Santa Fe High School you’ll find Santa Fe Fire and Rescue station number one our we staged with the ambulances meet assistant Chiefs Kris Anderson got the call and responded down to the high school and gym cargile Santa Fe is a volunteer fire department Friday 26 of the department’s 75 volunteer firefighters did what they had to do in the very beginning my task was to communicate with airmid coming in the LifeFlight helicopter others had other tasks which for assistant chief anderson meant coming to the aid of fallen officer john barnes who had been shot after confronting the gunman 17 year old Demetrius pig or geez we started the first the first assessment and then once we finished that assessment medic one took that patient out to out to the landing zone make no question while these first responders did their jobs they knew they felt what this community had endured there was just so much running through my mind after all it’s their community too we all have kids that go to that school and we’re like a big family here we all in a way help raise each other’s kids and in the beginning we didn’t know the status of our own never want to leave Santa Fe this is a great community and this is going to make us better yet another example of Santa faced strong an assistant chief Anderson tells me that firefighters did go through an assessment following Friday to make sure that they were okay and we are told that they will continue to monitor firefighters as they to grieve over such a horrific tragedy we are live for you tonight in Santa Fe I’m Brandon Walker KPRC Channel 2 News

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