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ASMV – Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai)

Mom, I’m gonna be a superhero, and keep both you and Sho safe. That’so cool. Do you know what the boy has done? The son, Shinra, was supposedly the cause of the fire. If wasn’t me. Ever since that day, i haven’t been able to smile genuinely. Shinra! Hurry and get out here! Hurry! Mom… Devil! I am not a devil! I have to be a hero! The Special Fire Force’s mission. Is to put infernals to rest save the souls of .. …both humans and infernals. And more than anything, to save humanity from the flame terror. Papa, Mama. I’m going to be a hero. Burn! I will get back up as often as it takes, and each time. I won’t be beaten. For your sake. Is for your own good! The Special Fire Force really is fighting for the good of the people, right? I became a Fire soldier to keep people safe. If it was actually caused by someone… I’m begging you… Somebody help! The flame is the soul’s breath. The black smoke is the soul’s release. Mom… Off you go. Off i go! I’m one step closer. Ashes thou wert and art. May thy soul… return to great flame of fire. Latom.


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