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Applying to be a firefighter when you’re not a British citizen

Well firstly when I’ve seen the ad I’ve called up HR and asked is if this is just for UK citizens, or this is for anyone and they ask me if I have the right work in the UK and if I’m eligible and the basic questions and All those were a tick for me. So I was okay with that So I was kind of thinking I’ll just give it a go. Let’s see what what happens There is no way that a little bit of problems because of this it’s gonna put me off But to be honest there was not one Incident that I who I should say, oh there was a bit of and I’m I’m don’t speak perfect English But I still get along with everyone exactly the same way as they do so to be honest, I feel of I feel like a firefighter not like a foreign citizen or I feel like I’m considered within the same group as everybody else and This makes me feel at home So this is my new home now

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