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An interview with a fireman.

I’ve I’ve been a fireman for uh, Well, long as I can remember. I guess since the last day I was a fire
boy. You know, that’s when I became fireman. There’s a lot to learn about fire, a lot of basics. Fundamental fire facts. It’s hard to read a fire if you don’t know what to look for. Fire is hot. But it gets hotter…in the middle. It’s true. It’s true. Some people can read a fire Some people can’t read a fire. Think about that….it gets hotter as you go in. was just say it’s hard as s#*! to read a fire. No habla fire. We do more than fight fires ok? We… It’s all about mental preparation. Think about that for a minute. You gotta read a fire. Remember that? Let me go back to that. You gotta read a fire. A mustache is a trademark of a fireman. Someone asked me the other day, it really kinda irritated me, they said, “Why don’t you go out on the fires with them? You’re the chief.” Fire chief. I said, “Ya, I am the fire chief, and thats why I stay back here.” Our product is fire, but ya know we have to have fire around.. …for us to have jobs. I fire people more than I even see a fire.

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