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Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Marines train with static water and live fire

Marines with Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
conducted drills using unconventional water sources to fight live fire. Being able to draw water from the closest
source is important to firefighting in case that’s the only supply. “The purpose of drafting for static water
sources is for us to get better familiar with drafting from isolated locations like ponds,
rivers or lakes. As well as the live fire training. Its to build confidence for Marines to actually
go in and attack the fire. The training prepares Marines to react quickly
and efficiently in case of an aircraft crash. “Well how the station benefits, it allows us Marines to become more confident in using our truck to the fullest capabilities. As well as training with live fire, it allows
us to provide a better standard of service for the air station.” The training showed Marines how to handle
live fire, the best way to put it out and how fire reacts in different situations. Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Marine Corporal Kate Busto.

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