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Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Marines train with live fire

Marines with Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
conducted live fire training to teach their firefighters how to respond in case of a fuel
spill. “The focus out here for the training today,
we’re doing large turret fuel fires. We have a different focus for every month
and that was this month. Basically, we are getting the Marines proficient
at using the turrets on the trucks. Both the bumper turret and the roof turret
to extinguish the fire as fast as they can, via if there’s fuel on the aircraft wing
or fuselage on the ground. They want to extinguish all that so they can
rescue any personnel they need out of the aircraft. The Marines also focused on teamwork and support
roles during an emergency situation. “Today, I was first at the turret, turret
operator. Then my section decided to entrust me with
driving so I got to drive around, do spot-in procedures and take care of the crew. Make sure they got the right spot to put out
the fire, which was a good experience to me. Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting cycled the
Marines through driving and turret operation to ensure mission readiness. Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Marine Corporal Kate Busto.

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