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A Song of Ice and Fire: House Targaryen (Part 2 of 6)

After the death of Aegon the Conqueror in
37 AC, the Iron Throne inherited by his eldest son Aenys, son of Rhaenys, a good hearted
man seen as weak by many, lacking both the cunning of his father and ferocity of his
younger brother Maegor, son of Visenya. While young, Aenys was weak and sickly, causing
some to suggest he was not a true born son of Aegon, as Rhaenys was known to surround
herself with handsome young men she may have taken to bed. Yet those rumours largely ended when his dragon
Quicksilver hatched, and as creature grew, so did the boy. Yet even so, Aenys was never a great warrior
and so gifted his father’s valyrian steel sword Blackfyre to his brother Maegor, who
also took Baelrion the black Dread as his own. Unfortunately, the reign of Aenys Targaryen
proved short and disastrous, beginning with 4 rebellions that emerged within the first
year of his rule. In the riverlands, Red Harren, the supposed
grandson of Harren the Black captured Harrenhal and killed its Lord, while in the Vale, Jonos
Arryn rebelled against and eventually killed his brother Ronnel, taking power in the Eyrie. Trouble also came to the Iron Islands, where
a man gained a following by claiming he was the Priest-king Lodos who walked into the
sea during the reign of Aegon I and now returned from his meeting with the Drowned God, and
in Dorne, a rebel called the Vulture King raised 30,000 warriors to attack the Targaryen
Kingdom in retaliation for the destruction caused in the First Dornish War. Though the noble Lords of Dorne like Princess
Deria Martell claimed they were trying to stop the rebellion, many believed they were
doing nothing or else might even be supporting them. Meanwhile in King’s Landing, Aenys was utterly
perplexed at what was happening and sent letters to the rebels trying to discuss their grievances. But his uncertainty, indecision and fear of
violence only alienated him further from the nobility, who were then forced to deal with
these rebellions on their own, with the crown playing a supporting role rather than leading
the effort. In the Vale, Maegor worked with House Royce
to take back the Eyrie, while in the Iron Islands House Greyjoy slaughtered Lodos and
his people, leading the King to unwisely promise their Lord any boon he desired. Goren Greyjoy then asked that the faith of
the Seven be expelled from the Iron Islands, to which the king was forced to agree. In Dorne, the Marcher Lord united to defeat
the Vulture King and in the Riverlands, Harren the Red killed the Hand of the King Alyn Stokeworth,
only to die moments facing the Lord’s squire Bernarr Brune. With the rebellions defeated, Aenys Targaryen
named his brother as Hand, and together ruled well for 2 years, until yet another crisis
arose, this time within their own family as Maegor and his wife seemed unable to have
children. Though Aenys and his wife Alyssa Velaryon
had 3 sons and 3 daughters, Maegor remained childless and so took a second wife, creating
outrage amongst the nobility, faith and royal court. Refusing to give up his new bride, Maegor
was exiled from Westeros in 40AC, going to live as an honored guest in Pentos. The following year, an even greater outrage
swept across the continent, when the King married his eldest son Aegon to his eldest
daughter Rhaenys, as was the custom amongst the families of Old Valyria. Yet while the High Septon and Faith of the
Seven tolerated Aegon the conqueror and his sister-wives, they now demanded that House
Targaryen abandon this practice. Though normally indecisive, Aenys outright
refused and the marriage went on as planned. In response, the High Septon named him, King
Abomination, and led a rebellion against the crown known as the Faith Militant Uprising. Facing another rebellion, the King once again
was unable to act forcefully or make a decision, and after a failed assassination attempt,
Aenys retreated to Dragonstone, where his aunt Visenya advised him to respond with fire
and blood, but still he refused. In 42 AC, after only 5 years of rule, Aenys
grew ill and died at the age of 35, with some suggesting he was poisoned by Visenya, who
afterwards flew to Pentos and brought back her son Maegor, crowning him the new King
of Westeros and challenging anyone to come dispute the claim. Though the crown should have passed to Aegon,
the eldest son of Aenys, he and his sister-wife were besieged by rebel forces, and so the
only immediate challenge to Maegor’s authority came from the Faith Militants in King’s
Landing, as Ser Damon Morrigen Grand Captain of the Warrior’s Sons challenged him to
a Trial of Seven. Since Maegor had no warriors with him, he
fought alongside 6 volunteers in a viscious battle that left everyone dead, save the King
who was so badly injured he fell into a coma for several weeks, until he awoke determined
as ever to destroy his enemies. Among the many deeds which earned him the
name Maegor the Cruel, the King escalated the war with the Faith, burning the Sept of
Remembrance in the capital and mercilessly raining dragonfire upon them at nearly every
engagement. After personally supervising the construction
of the Red Keep to build a number of hidden passage ways within the walls and underground,
he had the builders executed, so they could never reveal what they knew. When his nephew Aegon took the dragon quicksilver
for his own, raised an army and was crowned as a rival king, they engaged in the Battle
beneath the God’s Eye. However Quicksilver was no match for Balerion
the Balck Dread, resulting in the death of Aegon and defeat of his army. Back in the capital Maegor remained childless
throughout his reign, leading him take a total of 6 wives including his neice Rhaena Targaryen,
the widow of Aegon who was forced to accept the marriage to protect her twin daughters
Aerea and Rhaella. After the death of his mother Visenya in 44AC,
Maegor grew even more short tempered and violent, so that by 48 AC, the Lords of Westeros could
no longer tolerate his oppressive rule, abandoning him to rally behind Jaehaerys Targaryen in
the Stormlands, the last living son of Aenys and Alyssa who was proclaimed the true king
of Westeros. Since both Jaehaerys and his sister Alysanne
rode dragons, they flew to the capital with their army close behind, only to find Maegor
dead, possibly from suicide, stabbing and cutting himself on the swords of his throne. With the King dead, Jaehaerys Targaryen came
to power at the age of 14, with his mother Alyssa given the regency while his greatest
supporter Lord Rogar Baratheon served as Hand of the King. Determined to unify the realm, Jaehaerys earned
the name the Conciliator, by making peace with the High Septon and granting amnesty
and pardons to those who served Maegor or the Faith Militants. Jaehaerys worked diligently to address the
concerns of nobles and small folk, proving himself shrewd and highly capable. During a tournament to celebrate the Golden
Wedding of the king’s mother Alyssa and Rogar Baratheon in 49AC, it was decided that
that the victors would be granted a place in the Kingsguard of Jaehaerys I, making it
one of the most competitive tourney’s in history. Though hundreds of knights fought in the War
for the White cloaks, only 5 champions were named, each of whom felt a special loyalty
to the King, as they earned their positions though merit rather than noble birth. After the wedding, the Small Council began
to make marriage plans for both Jaehearys and his sister Alysanne, fearing that if the
decision was left to them they would marry each other, thereby risking another Religious
rebellion, and so it was decided the Princess would marry Ser Orryn Baratheon, brother to
the hand of the king. However, when 13 year old Alysanne learned
of this betrothal, she immediately informed Jaehaerys, and so began one of the most famous
love stories in Westerosi history. Refusing to even consider marrying anyone
else, Jaehaerys and Alysanne left the red keep with their Kingsguard and went to Dragonstone,
where they were wed in a secret ceremony. Furious to learn of their actions, Alyssa
and Rogar gathered their warriors and sailed to Dragonstone to end the marriage before
it could be consummated. However Jaehearys and Alysanne refused to
comply and when soldiers were sent to physically take them, the loyal Kingsguard stood in their
way, forming a wall to protect their young king, making it clear that if they tried to
use force, Rogar Baratheon would be the first to die. Fearing the violence that might ensue, the
king’s mother convinced her husband to back down, and return to King’s Landing. Even so Rogar would not accept the marriage
and made several attempts to undermine their relationship, even sending spies to try and
seduce the king, but none of his plans succeeded, and soon even his wife turned against him,
removing him as Hand. Meanwhile on Dragonstone, the young King and
Queen spent every available moment together, charming everyone with the happiness of their
relationship. And while Jaehaerys impressed many with his
intelligence, work ethic, and hard earned skill as warrior, so too did his wife Alysanne,
who many claimed was just sharp and talented as her husband, often sitting by his side
in meetings and offering sage council. And so when Jaehaerys turned 16 and was given
full control over the kingdom, he and his Queen began a long and prosperous reign, considered
by many to be the golden age of Targaryen rule.

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