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2010 Spokane Fire Dept. EMS Levy

what’s the location of your emergency place the current emergency medical services levy in the city of Spokane is due to expire at the end of 2010 this levy helps to support the efforts of the Spokane Fire Department to respond to more than 20,000 requests for medical assistance every year the Spokane Fire Department started in the EMS business in the 1950s with a single ambulance in the 1960s EMS began to change in the United States Medical Research of military conflicts in Korea and Vietnam found that early field treatment of the sick and injured had positive impacts on patient outcomes researchers concluded that if emergency medical treatment could be applied rapidly in the field a patient’s chances for survival or reduced injury were significantly improved based on these findings local communities began looking for ways to implement emergency medical services to their residents to increase their citizens chances for survival during medical emergencies with fire stations strategically located for quick response and a trained professional workforce the fire service was quickly identified as a likely choice for providing ems response ems was becoming a community priority as numbers of fire incidents were going down because of modern building and fire codes facilities personnel and apparatus were already in place for fire response so the additional responsibility of providing ems was added to the fire service allowing the public improved service for minimal additional cost fire departments throughout the country including the Spokane Fire Department became the primary providers of EMS response in their communities the Spokane Fire Department initially trained all firefighters in cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR and then increase their training level to EMT or emergency medical technician in the mid-1970s the first fire department paramedics were trained to provide a higher level of emergency medical care based on the severity of incidents the fire department was facing over the last 35 years the fire department has continued to improve EMS delivery to better serve our growing community today the Spokane Fire Department operates a totally integrated EMS system to provide basic and advanced life support to our citizens the fire department has responded to more than 20,000 medical calls annually since 2005 additionally since 2005 each year EMS related incidents have accounted for more than eighty percent of all incidents responded to you by the fire department now the Spokane City Council has placed the EMS levy on the April 27th ballot this levy will provide funding support to allow the Spokane Fire Department to continue to provide quality emergency medical service to the community the EMS levy is placed before voters every six years for reconsideration and reauthorization the EMS levy has been in place since 1980 when the Spokane City Council placed the first EMS levy on the ballot in 1980 the six-year levy rate was a maximum of 25 cents per one thousand dollars of assessed property value in 1992 the EMS levy rate was increased to a maximum of fifty cents per one thousand dollars of assessed property value and it has remained at that rate ever since the current ballot measure would raise approximately eight million dollars annually the EMS levy provides funding that supports response to medical incidents paramedics and emergency medical technicians who provide patient care equipment and supplies to treat patients and other patient care related expenses Spokane Fire Department EMTs and paramedics are trained to assess patients perform emergent wound care administer a wide variety of medications perform advanced airway management as well as pre-hospital advanced cardiac rhythm monitoring at CPR and cardiac defibrillation watch for the EMS levy on the April 27th special election ballot if approved the six-year EMS levy rate would not exceed fifty cents per one thousand dollars of assessed property value kosta homeowners would not exceed fifty dollars per year on a one-hundred-thousand-dollar home or one hundred dollars per year on a two-hundred-thousand-dollar property we hope you find this information helpful as you consider the April 27th EMS levy ballot measure if you have any questions contact the Spokane Fire Department at five zero nine six two five seven thousand or visit our website at Spokane Fire org

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