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00 Fire Fighting Training Introduction (MEP Fire Protection,Detection and Alarm Systems)

Welcome to, learn it easy YouTube channel, Make Sure that your subscribed for more Videos, MEP Fire Fighting Training Introduction., We identified need to create user friendly
training materials, which will serve as reference to MEP Fire Fighting professionals, Goal of the training module, is to introduce
you to Basic, and Advanced, Fire Protection, Detection, and Alarm Systems, Specifically this training will help you to
understand, Concepts, working, Designing, Installing and maintenance, of Various MEP
Fire Fighting Systems, The units are organize as follows,
First 8 units focus on essential fundamentals, Such as, Standard in fire Fighting Systems
,Fire Classes, Portable fire extinguishers, Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Stand Pipe Systems,
Water less fire suppression system such as FM200,Aerosol, NO-VAC ,Kitchen Hood Systems,
Form ,CO2, Halon systems, Fire Detection And Alarm Systems, Fire Resisting Clousures, Ones we understand the basics, and theory
of firefighting system Design Principles, we can apply them to the practical Fire Fighting,
and Alarm System ,selection, Designing ,and maintenance issues, we encounter every day. In the remaining units, we will introduce
you to, Designing, Drafting, Installation, and Maintenance of the systems,
Such as Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Stand Pipe System, FM-200, Kitchen Hood Systems,
Aerosol, Form, CO2, Halon Systems, Fire Detection, and Alarm Systems,
At last, Special Fire Protection Systems,. If you are new to fire fighting ,or just learning
about Fire fighting, Please consider taking this units in order, If your a experienced Fire Fighting Professional
,Watch any of your choice,Each unit is designed to be stand alone, We hope you enjoy content provided in the
Training Module. and don’t forget to subscribe.


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