🔴 Rekindling An Old Flame (With The “R.F.Z” Hack)

Have you just touched base with an old flame? Do you want to rekindle things with her, but
don’t know how? If that sounds like your situation RIGHT NOW
as you’re watching this video, then let me say this upfront… I know how you feel. It’s always nice to revisit happier times
and experiences, and old flames are no exception. There’s that exciting possibility that she
wants to relive the experiences she had with you, too. Unfortunately, reality is harsh. And if you and your old flame haven’t seen
each other for a while… it’s likely the attraction she had for you has long gone cold. But here’s the good news: Rekindling an
old flame is quite easy if you know exactly what to do, believe me. There’s a catch, though. You can’t rekindle an old flame using your
old “pickup tricks.” Because, duh, right? She’s seen it all before. It won’t light her fire this time around. So you’ll need a different approach – one
that WILL light her fire. It’s a technique called the “Reverse Friendzone”
and it’s the fastest, surest way to rekindling an old flame. You probably won’t learn this technique anywhere
else, so be sure to watch this video ’til the end. So how does the “Reverse Friendzone” work? It all starts with knowing EXACTLY what your
old flame is thinking about when she meets you again. So she bumps into you again. You decide to stay and chat a while. What’s on her mind? You’re about to find out. Before I tell you what she’s thinking about,
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too, man. Now here’s the key to rekindling an old
flame. First, you’ll need to know what she is thinking
when she meets you again. First of all, chances are she’s NOT attracted
to you nearly as much as she used to be. This is because attraction has a very short
shelf life, rarely lasting longer than a few days. Have you ever had the experience where a woman
felt super-turned-on by you one day… and then she treated you like a complete stranger
two days later? That’s because her attraction for you had
“expired.” Attraction doesn’t last. It’s true! And so if you think your old flame still has
feelings for you, you’re probably wrong. Now, again, you can’t pull the same “moves”
on your old flame as you did before. She’s seen them before, so she’ll see
them coming. And when she sees them coming, she IMMEDIATELY
puts you in her friend zone… because one, she feels no attraction to you, and two, she
knows you want her. So in short: Pickup Artist tricks and other
cute tactics won’t work on old flames. That’s why you should do something completely
unexpected: To friendzone her first. Instead of trying to make her like you… tell her that you’re happy living the bachelor’s
life, or that there are already two or three women in your life. You can tell her: “I know we have a little
history… but I think I should be fair and tell you that I’m happy with my life as
a single man.” That’s the Reverse Friendzone in action. You put her in YOUR friend zone even before
she has a chance to do it to you. And that leads us to the obvious question:
Wouldn’t she resent being friendzoned? The answer is “no.” Instead, she’ll be too confused to resent
you. She’ll wonder why you would friendzone her
like that. And the more she wonders, the more she thinks
about your history together… and the more her old feelings of attraction come back. And then she’ll do what any healthy woman
would do. She’ll immediately brainstorm ways to ESCAPE
your friendzone. I’m not making this up, by the way. Studies have shown that women feel significantly
more attracted to men who are already taken… or at least have lots of options with regards
to women and dating… than to men who are honest and upfront about their feelings. In psychology, this attractive quality is
called “preselection.” And when you Reverse Friendzone your old flame,
that’s the quality she immediately sees you as having. The “Reverse Friendzone” pulls the right “heartstrings”
in her that make her miss you… want you… and ultimately fall in love with
you. But here’s the thing – it’s not a one-shot
deal. You won’t just friendzone her… and then
expect her to fall madly in love you just like that. It’s not that simple. Instead, the Reverse Friendzone technique
has three distinct steps to follow. Follow all the steps, and she’ll be even
more in love with you NOW than ever before. But miss even just one step, and your old
flame will end up as… well… a friend. That’s it. So you’d better do it right or miss the
opportunity forever. Now, luckily for you, I’m about to teach
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wait here. Done? Awesome – welcome to the club, great to
have you here. Before I teach you the three steps of the
Reverse Friendzone, I have a confession to make. The Reverse Friendzone is actually not my
technique. I mean, I didn’t develop it. That credit belongs to my friend and mentor,
Derek Rake. And in case you haven’t heard of Derek Rake
before… Derek is the founder of the Shogun Method
school of seduction… which is a body of work that is as “anti-pickup” as you can
get. Instead of pickup tricks, Derek advocates
the use of Mind Control. We’re talking about clinical psychology,
hypnotherapy… hardcore psychology stuff. Derek teaches that success with women… including
your old flame… doesn’t depend on your looks, your wealth, or even your integrity. Instead, your success only depends on how
you make a woman feel about you. And that’s where the Mind Control part comes
in. The Reverse Friendzone is a Mind Control technique…
and it’s designed to trigger massive feelings of attraction in a woman. And if you want your old flame to feel MADLY
IN LOVE with you, you need to follow three steps. Here are those three steps. The first step is to put her in your friendzone. You already know how to do this. You tell her out of the blue that you’re
happy with your love life right now, even if you two had a kinky history together. The second step is to double-down on putting
her in your friendzone. Soon enough, she’ll start hinting about
love, or sex, or about your past together. Whatever you do, don’t fall for it. Instead, double-down. Tell her:
“Yeah, I know we had really good times in the past… and they’ll always be some of
my favorite memories… but I really like my love life right now. I don’t want to shake things up.” Then, when she’s sufficiently friendzoned,
the third step comes into play. The third step is to start over on a clean
slate. After a week or so, tell her you’ll be in
town and ask her to meet you. If she’s been thinking about you all week,
she’ll gladly say “yes” to meeting you. This time, you reward her with a proper date. It’s like a “first date” all over again. And you’ll take her on a second date…
and a third… and so on. And before you know it, you’ve got yourself
a proper relationship with her. Congratulations – you’ve successfully
rekindled an old flame. Where you take it from here is up to you. This Mind Control thing is pretty handy, huh? It gets even better. Here’s why. As good as it is, the Reverse Friendzone is
actually just an application of a more powerful technique. That technique is called Fractionation. Fractionation lets you achieve any outcome
you want with a woman… whether it’s to rekindle an old flame… or to make her commit
to you for the rest of her life… or anything in between. How exactly does Fractionation do that? The secret is in putting your woman on an
emotional rollercoaster… such as the one the Reverse Friendzone puts your old flame
on. First, you make her feel disappointed and
rejected by putting her in your friendzone… and then you give her the euphoria of dating
you again. If you didn’t disappoint and reject her
FIRST… then she wouldn’t feel the euphoria. She wouldn’t feel in love with you. And you wouldn’t rekindle the flame. See the power of Fractionation? If you could learn only one Mind Control technique
in your life, Fractionation should be it. So here’s what I’m going to do for you… In just a moment, a link will come up inside
this video. That link will take you to an Online Masterclass
on Mind Control… which will teach you everything you need to know about Fractionation. The host of that Online Masterclass is none
other than the master himself – Derek Rake. You can’t hope for a better mentor. I know I can’t. Trust me on this. So go ahead – click the link and sign up
for Derek’s Online Masterclass now. Do it!

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