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πŸ”₯ RV Fire Safety and Automatic Fire Suppression | THIA by Proteng

  • Also, if you're along side the road…do not throw sand on the fire from beside the road .. it could have fuel in it .. go 4ft from the edge of the shoulder of the road to get sand if you're in a sandy area.

  • I use to Recharge them…. Remove entire handle, refill with powder & reinstall tube & handle, Remove the hose & clamp down handle screw in Nitrogen Fill where hose goes, up pressure to green & release handle clamp & reinstall hose all done….. Pro Tip #1 Flip extinguisher upside down & tap Base with rubber mallet to "Fluff" the Powder.(every 6 months Min.) Pro Tip #2 Get only metal valve extinguishers, Lot less chance of leak down…. Get 5 pounders if you can, 2 1/2 is gone by the time you get the aim down…..

  • Fire extinguishers once you squeeze the handle you have to have them recharge or replace. When the dry chem. inside gets on the O-rings they will leak. Fire extinguishers are filled by unscrewing the top of the extinguisher.

  • I want to thank you guyΒ΄s for all your work into these videos makes me look forward to do this with my wife in 10 years or so <3 the tips and tricks you guyΒ΄s give is awesome thank you so much <3

  • I don't understand the statement of 20,000 fires a year is one every 2.5hrs. Isn't there 24 hrs / day and 365 days / year? That is 8,760 hrs per year so at least 2 fires per hr. My calculations say 1 every 26.3 minutes. Am I wrong?

  • Thanks for the video. Love you guys. Here's a question about the fire suppression system. how do you know if it discharges? In other words, it could discharge somewhere behind the refrigerator and you would never know it? How would you know?

  • Thank you for this info we also cant think about our fur babies being in the rv when a fire breaks out . And we love the outtakes. So funny.

  • Really enjoy your videos and LOVE seeing Daisy, she's so cute. She had to be in every video, I look for her. Enjoy the road.

  • When inspecting your extinguisher, the hose unthreads. Always visually look through the hose, some bees will lay eggs in them and plug them up.

  • Great video. Thank you for mentioning the issue with Kidde (and some other) extinguishers. Extinguishers with plastic valves are a non-starter for us. Also, while fire stations may not be able to refill extinguishers, they can probably give a good recommendation on both equipment and those who are qualified to service that equipment.

  • Great ! Aways safety first..!!β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘βœ” One thing that JD said it was that if the are where you put this new product if it get to hot it will go off in extreme temperatures without being an actual fire, example heater or engine device atc. Pay attention to that .

  • Great info. I hope more RV manufacturers will install emergency egress doors, such as the ones Newmar offers on their class A motorhomes. As a senior I wonder if I’d be able to get out those small emergency windows

  • Your info posts are all awesome.
    2 so far in the fifth, never though about in the dually. Will make that happen soon. Also good to have if you come on to an accident. Yes. Will happen. Thanks for the video, as always, informative as hell.!
    Be safe.

  • Great video very informative. As a career firefighter I think y'all did an excellent job presenting RV fire safety. Very well done hats off to you both. Also I don't know if you meant to do so but your timing on release date is perfect. Today is the start of National Fire Prevention Week in the US. This year's campaign : "Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!"

  • a couple more things to think about closing your door when you sleep and to your garage. Check out "close before you dose" and the change in flashover time of modern materials.

  • Excellent topic! Can’t ever be too safe and I would think having all these precautions on board might even lower RV insurance (maybe). If nothing else some peace of mind.

  • Chad, you keep folding those shirts the way the Navy taught us. Creases are cool Tara.
    Thank you both for creating video topics like this. Not everyone will follow through, but it is good knowledge to have. Opens the door to "I told ya so" if a fire happens. ) :

  • If your escape windows are quite a bit off the ground, consider a rope or chain escape ladder mounted under the window. Great information.

  • LOL…Chad…I'm willing to bet that with all of your fire suppression systems, alarms, smoke detectors, and Ring anti-theft video surveillance & alarm system that you have installed on your rig…that your insurance company probably sends you a check every 6 months, instead of a bill for payment?? Awesome set-up…and nothing like being over prepared, for an unfortunate circumstance…because…you never know when something bad is going to happen?!?

    And also, a Big Thanks for introducing the Proteng Automatic Fire Suppression System to everyone too! I never heard of this company, or their product before viewing your vlog. And I immediately paused your video, and looked them up! What an Awesome product!! I can see these "THIA" hoses becoming an option, if not a standard product on most RV's & boats, in the near future?!? The costs will be significantly driven down, when more RV Mfg's start installing these on their products they produce.

    Thanks Chad & Tara…for another great video, filled with informative content that all RV owners should see and understand. Safe travels to you both!

  • Chad & Tara….a very, very informative video! Quite impressive video as well…….you two do a great job with these videos. Thank you for mentioning Proteng Automatic RV fire suppression and Babe and I.

  • I forgot to mention… can get your fire extinguishers serviced at fire extinguisher service company. Google "fire extinguisher service near me" and they'll come up. Much cheaper than buying new extinguishers.

  • OMG I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THIS EPIPHANY!!!! I had a Kiddies August 2008 in my kitchen. Thankfully we've never had to use it. And thanks to your heads up, we never will have to rely on faulty equipment. Doing our research & finding a new extinguisher. Thanks again from the Wiener Wagon tribe, someday we'll meet πŸ’œπŸΎπŸ•

  • Great information, thank you so much for all of your research. We really enjoy your videos, you guys are awesome.

  • I have always enjoyed you guys on video. This is one I was actually just thinking of the other day (fire suppression system) thanks for sharing. I currently have automatic water emergency shut off, the surge protector for our 50 amp service + the multiple circuit breakers and gfci plugs, I use the mopeka propane monitoring system and am looking for something better than the current shut off valves on the market because they do exactly what the safety valve in the tank does. And then there is FIRE SUPPRESSION, I have just started looking into this. I will research this system as I research everything else, in the mean time, 5 lb extinguisher in the truck, 2-1/2 lb extinguisher (3) inside the RV. Space permitting, I want to enlarge them to 5 pounders. I am that "what if" Safety guy. I would rather be pro-Active (possible save) than Reactive (total loss). Another great video. Safe Travels

  • Hey.. love ya, mean it. Can you make a playlist from beginning to present? It would be great and easier, for newbies to catch up on your videos. See ya..

  • Oh, I used to inspect and rebuild fire extinguishers and worked at Buckeye Fire Equipment. It's easy to fill them, but you wouldn't want to buy all the fittings, or equipment to do so. Also, don't shake them upside down, to unsettle the powder. Angle the top down about 20Β° below level and roll it, until you feel the powder moves around. If you shake upside down the powder may be packed into the tube inside and render it useless at time needed. And, always take Halogen fire extinguishers to a pro to test.. See ya

  • Another informative video guys. There's a product that I have in my RV called Tundra by First Alert. It's a 14oz can for all types of fires and say's on the lable that it will spray 4 times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. It is also easier and faster to use, just pop the plastic top off and spray the same as any fire extinquisher. $12.59 for one or $21.90 for two cans on Amazon. Check it out.

  • A RV was on fire on the side of the road in Alexandria La the other day we passed by! So scary! Thanks for the info guys! This is everyone's worse nightmare in the RV world!

  • You covered a lot of ground on this and as usual did it well. First thing we did in each of our trailers was to increase the number of fire extinguishers and smoke/fire detectors and an extra Co and propane detector. Another reason we like our 12volt compressor fridge, no open flame. Thanks guys.

  • Great info, thanks. We have 2 recalled units (home & truck) also an expired unit. Having external extinguishers in RV is also great idea, will be getting them promptly.

  • Fantastic video guys! Got me to thinking and am ordering new extinguishers. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Terrific job you two! I lost my first Grand Design RV to a fire in 2016. It started with a fuel fire in the tow vehicle. You're information is spot on!

  • We have sign in the window of our RV with a picture of our cat and our phone number to call in case of an emergency

  • I have tears rolling down my face from those bloopers!!! you took such a serious topic and totally blew it out with those bloopers. You two are the best. This was great info though. We just bought our trailer and it came with a rinky dinky white extinguisher. You've got me now wanting to upgrade.

  • Chad/Tara, I was a Coast Guard boarding officer and the tip about turning over the extinguishers as part of inspection is right on.Β  Boats, like RV's bounce around a lot and the powder can and does settle.Β  Turning over the extinguisher and tapping with your hand (or lightly with a hammer near the base of the extinguisher) will loosen up the powder and keep it from caking up when you want to use it.Β  Great video as always!

  • Your Navy training sure came out in this one Chad….not many people know about Class D fires…and NO one here at work knew what a class K fire was until they took the web-based Fire Extinguisher training I developed. GREAT video and it surely should be required training for everyone who has, or will have, an RV of any class/style. Be safe, ride safe, have fun, & happy camping. v/r, TS Denver P.S. May I put in a plug for a mobile repair guy just west of Castle Rock, CO….and yes, the name will give you an idea of his early days….Shellback Mobile RV Service, LLC. He did a great job on fixing the cable slide system on my 5vr, along with a few minor maintenance items I had forgotten about. The best thing was, he got me in, and out, quickly…like in a matter of a few hours. He can be reached at [email protected]

  • Hey guys, my wife and I love your channel. I am a professional firefighter in South Charleston, WV. I don't know of any fire departments that still refill extinguishers. The best thing to do is Google fire extinguisher refill to find a company that will take care your empty extinguishers.

  • If your not sure about your fire extinguisher always hit up a local fire department. They should be able to help answer any questions.

  • Fantastic, thank you. This mama has been concerned about the possibility of a fire in our RV, since day one. We have the extra fire extinguishers, we’ve added an extra smoke detector and have discussed exit routes with our children…but the fire suppression system has interested us since we too saw it on Big Truck, Big RV.. I do hope they’re able to bring down the price soon. It looks like a promising product, especially for the fridge.

  • Another great video. You guys are funny even with serious subject matter.
    Well done. Really informative and a good reminder to get serious about this topic. Thank you.
    Safe travels. bg

  • Hey Changing Lanes, thanks for the video and great information. I have a request, way back in the stone ages (when I was a wee lad) our camper was just a place to sleep, everything else was done outside, sitting areas, cooking, dining and entertainment. What do you do to make your camp site more inviting to be outside? What have you seen from other campers? Have you seen anything really innovative in the way others enjoy being outside of their RV. No, I'm not talking about a display of garden gnomes and dozens of bric-a-brac decorating the campsite, but real useful ways to enjoy the outdoors while at the campsite. Thanks again….

  • Thank you for the informative video Chad and Tara .Have seen fire extinguishers mounted horizontally but must be across the trailer/vechile.keeps the powder from settling to much.keep up the good work and stay safe out there on those bumpy roads.πŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€³πŸ»

  • Stand by the goose neck, goose neck. Glad to see you putting shipboard fire fighting school skills to use, Chad. It seems like when I was aboard Coral Sea back in the 70s that she was on fire all the time. Nice, informative episode with an important message. Thanks.

  • We visited the RV graveyard in Phoenix, eye opener as to where most fires start. Sad to see but it gave us a reality check. πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  • We have LARGE fire extinguishers on each side of the bed, and we have an evacuation plan, we each have a nearby window to exit.
    Practice how to open your windows!

  • Chad and Tara, very well done and this is coming from a old volunteer firefighter as well as USAF disaster prep NCO (3E971). Again, great job. The key is to be prepared and this is accomplished with both the equipment (well maintained) and training. Have a fire drill occasionally. This raises awareness and well… preparedness. I think I am going to look into the ring system with detectors… cool. Clint

  • Years back I was at a boat RV show and they were selling Halon fire extinguishers. It's a clean gas that takes the oxygen away and puts out the flames quick and no mess. Not sure if they are still around and could have been eliminated due to EPA concerns. That gas works 100% and is very easy to use.

  • Thanks for doing this video. After having RV'S for 19 years I never thought about fire extinguishers. We just put our rig away for the winter but in the Spring when we bring it home fire safety will be my first duty. Thanks again.

  • If you need to get out the bedroom window in a fifth wheel.Β  Use your bed pillow on the edge of the window.Β Β Β Sit on the pillow with your feet outside.Β  Roll over on the pillow and shimmy out on your belly on the pillow out the window.Β  Don't bang your chin on the way down.Β  You should land on your feet.

  • Navy Vets have great firefighting awareness! At least in an RV you can bail out without getting wetπŸ˜‰I read about a good idea, using a pillow(or pillows) or your bedding to cushion the escape window ledge – or throw out to the ground to soften your landing. Keep up the informative videos- thanks! A healthy fear and a lot of awareness is key. I’m a ( proud) Navy Mom, former Vol. fire-fighter/EMS (retired).

  • Based on a massive, massive fire in Afghanistan in 2006, you may need to check the facts of Li-ion batteries being non-flammable. I don't have any scientific data, but the biggest fire I've ever seen was a 20' shipping container full pallets of of military Li-Ion batteries that caught fire (in a stack of 20' MILVANs) that just flash-melted containers above and nearby when they spontaneously erupted/vented/exploded. If your commercial RV batteries don't do that, I'd like to hear more info about them, their non-flame-ish-ness and how things have changed.

  • I used to recharge and service them for a living. Basically you let out all the air and unscrew the top. Pour in new powder and return top. And then pump air back in. Very simple. Can be extremely messy if you open before the air is out!!!

  • There are businesses that recharge extinguishers. First, they pressure test the tanks (like they do for propane tanks). Then they refill the tank. This usually makes the refill more expensive than buying new ones. New ones may have better agents inside.

  • because of watching this video we had rv maintenance people check our extinguishers and they have to be replaced. tnx for your diligence in being informative to the rest of us rv'ers, we appreciate it greatly.

  • When you said β€œ Run , Run β€œ. Then showed the Monty Python clip I had to laugh ! Your out takes and video clips are great…you always make me laugh ! Thanks…you guys are so cute !

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