these Smartbot solar torch lights
provide gorgeous flickering light to your outdoor space they are solar
powered so you don’t need to be concerned about having an electrical
outlet all you have to do to assemble it and
snap these pieces together and there you go it’s a very nice and long size for a
nice solar light so these come in a pack of two and what’s great about them is
that they automatically come on at dusk or you can turn them off with the button
found right on this side very clear nice big button very pushy – if you don’t
want the mom that’s a great way to just easily turn them off they are waterproof
up to ip65 and the solar panel is designed to last
more than five years that’s great because then you keep this out you can
relocate them different areas for your yard and that makes it very easy to use
they charge via sunlight and can charge fully in eight hours to provide 12 hours
of flickering light so if you were to get this during the day from so if
you’re able to get this during the day just immediately throw them right
outside and so you can place them in your yard and they’ll light up at night
if you have less sunlight they will still work but for a shorter period of
time you won’t have 12 hours of flickering light you will have less than
that I’m going to place these in the yard now so let’s go see what they look
like okay all right so we have these placed in my garden it’s easier if you
put the stake in the ground first by the way I don’t want anyone to snap theirs
or anything like that but here we have it all situated so we’re going to come
back at night they’re actually a pretty nice piece even when they’re not lit up
very nice torch without the flame yet you

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